Worldwide Casinos That Celebrities like the Most

While everyone wants to be famous and known, there is a certain weight that comes with being a celebrity. Everywhere you go, you are bound to be recognized and spotted. This might come with its own challenges since celebrities are also entitled to enjoy some privacy. After all, celebrities are human beings.

Celebrities, actors, and sportsmen have a penchant for gambling and casinos. But due to their celebrity status, they can’t simply go to the typical casino. In this article, we will be highlighting the gaming casinos that celebrities flock to enjoy some time on the card tables and slot machines.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

If you have been around for a few years, you are aware that the MGM Grand Casino is not only well established but also a tourist attraction. It is part of the Las Vegas skyline and tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the experience.

While it offers a variety of card games and slot machines, it also offers patrons the chance to bet on literally any sport. With your placed bet on soccer, basketball, or boxing, you can enjoy a drink and meal at the bar.

Hard Rock Casino  

Another option available in Las Vegas is Hard Rock Casino. At this particular venue, you are bound to find a plethora of upcoming and established celebrities. Some of the best poker and blackjack tournaments are held at the Hard Rock Casino.

One celebrity who you will however not find here is Ben Affleck. The actor was banned from the facility, accused of being too good at the blackjack table.

The Wynn

Away from Las Vegas, we have the Wynn located in Los Angeles. It is no shock since LA is the home and hub of celebrities and A-list actors and musicians. The Wynn offers a wide selection of games and betting options.

It is common to see a celebrity with their entourage enjoying a game of roulette or blackjack.

Route 66 Casino

This world-class establishment and casino venue rolled into one are situated in New Mexico. While it is an established casino now, it owes its fame to the die-hard actor, Bruce Willis. Prior to his acting career, Bruce had quite an illustrious boxing career. It is reported that he once got a substantial amount in winnings during his fighting days at the casino.

Due to the fond memories, it is common to see Bruce Willis enjoying a game or two at the venue. Keep your eyes out for other members of the cast and other celebrities.


Who said you must pay thousands of dollars in flight, accommodation, and entry costs to enjoy the experience of a world-class casino? What if we told you that you have the power to enjoy a casino experience with only your smartphone and internet connection? If you read this article and enjoyed the content, there is more where that came from.