Why Architecture Pages Are Popular On Instagram

Instagram is such an excellent tool for both architecture students in creating relationships and connections with people. Rather than a conventional architecture portfolio, an Instagram account provides opportunities to get an impression of an architect’s work quickly because of its format. People can see which face, style, or approach has opted in architectural designs and spontaneously follow their inspirations. If you are a young architect and want to grow your Instagram account, so see the best tips and tricks by visiting https://www.simplygram.com/how-to-get-more-followers-on-instagram/.


Understanding the context of Instagram is an essential first step. It is a social platform where followers’ engagement is a lot higher than almost any other online platform. People are looking for their favorite creators or brand and expect high-quality images. So using Instagram in this context is a chance to give the targeted audience something they can not find anywhere else. With 800 million users worldwide, Instagram provides a massive reach to businesses, young entrepreneurs, and architects.

Source of Networking

Instagram is a useful tool that provides insights into the new trending architectural designs, the reputation of an architect, and rapidly building up useful connections. Networking is essential for any business as it is the foundation and stepping stone for success. Through social networking, architects can post their work in a way that considers their audience. It enables architects to excel in building up their reputation and tailer the application to the type of firm they are trying to attract.

Architects must differentiate between their personal Instagram account and their business account. A professional grid helps in a consistent aesthetic set of images attracting more followers and building up a professional reputation. Another advantage of having a business account is that it opens up extra features such as the analytics tools allowing it to measure the success of each post

New Ideas and Spurs

Instagram helps architects continually improve their work as they can see the latest trends, instigate creative new design and transform it into a reality. It is a constant source of inspiration for many young architects as they can learn and share ideas and get prompt feedback from their audiences in real-time.

Builds Up Cliental

One can not predict when or where the next project would come from, this is where Instagram is so useful as architects can showcase their work and talent to a larger audience enabling them to get the desired projects. Creating a professional profile on Instagram with simple, straightforward, short descriptions can do wonders for architects. With a clickable link in the bio section, architects can effectively use this to drive Instagram traffic to their website or a Youtube channel.

Grow Now

The architectural industry strictly follows the unique funnel concept for Instagram’s growth. The funnel concepts drive in many people to join your network and ease lead generation — the more significant leads, the better.