Instagram Metrics You Should Track to Measure Performance

Success on Instagram can take many forms, as they can relate to your followers, and how well your posts perform or judge your performance with the goals you set out for your profile. This way, there are many metrics and performance measurement techniques that are available on the app, to check your account’s performance and success. Some of the best techniques are highlighted in the article below.

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Coming back to the purpose of the article, the following are some metrics to keep track of to measure the performance of your Instagram profile. 

Follower growth rate

The metric is used by many people on Instagram to assess performance since it provides a breakdown of the percentage of new followers your account managed in a period. Although your account might seem to be growing, since you are gaining more followers all the time, there is a chance that the rate of growth may have declined, indicating that your content is generating less interest in the market. Using this metric is vital for any business account on Instagram

Traffic on website

Assessing the number of website visits from your Instagram app can be another excellent metric to use for performance measurement. For a business, it is essential to generate more traffic to their website, and for some, it may be the sole reason for having an Instagram presence. By using Google Analytics, you can analyze the traffic directed to your website through all the social media channels individually. This gives a great insight into how well your Instagram account is managing to direct people to promote your business’s webpage. 

Comments per post

This is an effective parameter to see the interest of the audience in your posts as generally the more comments a post manages the better it is perceived to be. Keeping track of the number of comments on an individual post is a great way to see the interest of the followers in your content, as a declining number of comments may indicate your content is becoming boring and less interesting for the followers.

Stories engagements

You can keep track of the engagements made on your stories by accessing data on the Instagram insights page. The metrics provided are views and exits. More views mean more engagements which is a straightforward metric. Exits on the other hand show at which slide your followers stopped viewing your stories. This is an excellent way to determine your followers’ interest, as a higher exit on a particular story shows they are not appreciated by your audience, enabling you to make content more to your audience’s liking in the future.