Factors That Influence Your Twitter Engagement

The most important element that is often spoken and discussed concerning social media, in general, is the importance of engagement to an account since they are the interactions that are done on your content, from viewing your content to sharing, liking, and following your profile, all these are considered as engagements and are fundamental in analyzing growth perspectives of an account. Twitter is no different, the engagements are necessary for anyone trying to grow their following and make it possible for their content to reach out to newer audiences.

This makes it necessary for such users to explore all the tips and techniques to boost their accounts engagements. Below are listed some of the best ways which can directly influence your accounts engagements. Some of these techniques are unique for each account due to the industry they relate to, something to be careful of if you manage multiple Twitter accounts.


Timing your tweets is the most important thing to analyze and understand for any business or individual since a well-timed tweet can be much more effective in reaching out to the intended people and followers. Experiment with tweeting at different times of the day, and assess which tweet gets more engagement on a regular basis, to identify the most optimal time to tweet for your account. These timings are the times when your followers are most active which may be different for every account due to the industry and market they relate to.  This greatly boosts engagements to your account since the content is available to the audience when the majority of them are online and actively using the platform.

Status of your following

An account may have a lot of followers, however, the engagement figures may still not be good. This may be because many of your followers are not satisfied with what you’re uploading and don’t get interested in the content being uploaded. Try to understand your follower’s requirements by making them answer polls or communicating with them in chats, to enable you to make tweets as per their expectations. This is likely to positively influence your engagement.

Additionally, if your engagements are still not great there is a chance your account has a lot of fake following on it. These fake accounts may be bots or accounts that are no longer used by people, who never interact with content, and just sit in your following for no reason. Try to gradually eliminate these fake following from your account to improve your engagements.

Your contribution to topics

People following your account will expect to get a unique and human response to trending topics and conversations relating to the industry. It may be the case that your arguments do not provide a qualitative assessment of the conversations, and are more generic and information-based. Try to argue in the community and state your ideas and thoughts in conversations and on different topics. This will make your content less boring and productive for the audience to consume, which will boost your engagement.

Visual content

The importance of visual content can not be ignored, as it makes your profile look much more attractive to the viewer and encourages them to interact more. Use a good balance of visual content, from a well-timed meme or GIF to engaging and detailed videos regarding a specific topic.

All these practices influence the engagements to an account, making it more attractive to the followers and the community in general, ensuring more engagements in the future.